Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of the Free World

I watched Netanyahu’s speech today, live. After some respectful words for the U.S. president who despises him – a classy move that Obama could not duplicate even if he were hypnotized or drugged – the Israeli prime minister laid out, in the clearest possible language, the threat posed by a nuclear Iran. It was a rousing speech, filled with awareness of the ominous progress that Iran has made toward developing an aggressive nuclear-weapons capability, somber in its criticism of the deal currently being negotiated between the U.S. and Iran, yet inspirational in its call for courage and steadfastness in standing up to Islamism and its murderous dreams of conquest.

If Obama has ever given a speech that matches this one in clarity, reason, honesty and sincerity, I will eat my not inconsiderable collection of hats.

By the way, since we now have “net neutrality”, does that mean Ayatollah Khamenei gets equal time?

Meanwhile, the usual pustules of the progressive press weigh in., and Nancy Pelosi has a melt-down (come to think of it, thanks to the ranting of these useful idiots, Khamenei has already enjoyed far more than equal time).

Monday, March 2, 2015

Exciting (and hilarious) news from the art world

Artist Nelson Shanks included a shadow of a dress in his portrait of Bill Clinton (a reference to the Lewinski scandal). Much more from Ed Driscoll here.

The stupid is strong in this one

David Brooks , who pretty much serves as first-chair piccolo in the Beltway Insiders Band, opines that Netanyahu’s speech to Congress is a “disaster” for Israel.
“It’s a substantive disaster for the state of Israel. I think it’s political disaster for Bibi Netanyahu back home, because they’re — most Israelis are really worried about the state of the relationship. It’s different than the past times, in part because it’s — as Mark said, it’s partisan now. Suddenly, Republicans are pro-Israel. And what are Democrats supposed to do?”
Where on earth to begin in disentangling this knot of imbecility? Most Israelis are worried about the relationship? After six years of the most intransigent arrogance on the part of the Obama administration toward Israel, this is Bibi’s fault how, exactly? And what are we to make of this: “Suddenly, Republicans are pro-Israel.” Suddenly?!? And those poor Democrats, forced into a corner because of their, presumably, perfectly reasonable desire to differentiate themselves from Republicans no matter what, even if it means doing something wrong or moronic ; what are they supposed to do? Why, you know the answer, Dave: like the loyal lickspittles they are, they’re supposed to line up in support of their Lilliputian king as he squeaks defiance at a man who is orders of magnitude wiser than their own leader. Perhaps if some of them had had the gumption to stand up to Obama years ago, they wouldn’t find themselves being used as pawns now.

And this is simply Brooks’ larynx operating as an autonomous republic: “Second, support for Israel, especially on the Democratic left, especially on college campuses, is more fragile than it’s ever been before”. Which is a function of an ominous revival of anti-Semitism, in conjunction with a willfully myopic view of Palestinian “aspirations” that has become part of the very mortar, like climate change hysteria and socialism, that holds the vast leftist edifice together. If Netanyahu stayed home, I guess the big anti-Israel boycott that is all the rage on college campuses would simply wither away, right?

Brooks closes with this oratorical cowpie:
“Third, the Iran situation is just this gigantically big issue, and existential for Israel, a serious issue for the United States. And to mess this up at a time when this issue is looming is cataclysmic, distracted the debate over the — what’s being settled between the U.S. and Iran [emphasis mine – Paco] into some sideshow. And I happen to think Netanyahu’s concerns about what — the deal we’re apparently getting close to with the Iranians are legitimate, but he has sidetracked that debate into something very self-destructive.”
The whole problem is that this issue is being “settled between the U.S. and Iran”, without any evidence that our policy has been genuinely vetted with people, foreign and domestic, who know what they’re talking about, including people whose physical existence is at stake. Obama’s hopelessly amateurish and uninformed foreign policy team are negotiating with fanatical killers who incessantly threaten to destroy Israel; why should Bibi (or anyone else, for that matter) stake Barry the Tinhorn in this most dangerous poker game with experienced and murderous sharpers? (“Hey, I’ve got three cards with faces; is that anything?”) Under the current American regime, you’ve got to talk over the president’s head because his cranium is hermetically sealed against the intrusion of any thoughts that are not his own, and his own cogitations are so woefully inadequate to the task that he makes Jimmy Carter look like one of the crafty old doges of Renaissance Venice. Whereas David Brooks simply looks like…the David Brooks of opinionizing.


Barry gets all misty-eyed as he bids farewell to outgoing Department of Just-Us head Eric Holder. The thing that really galls me is that these two clowns both truly think that they've been doing a bang-up job.

Elsewhere, the president decides to lob a couple of bombs into the AIPAC conference.

Things aren't looking too good for humans these days, but at least polar bears are thriving.

Why, yes, as a matter of fact I do agree...

(Image gratefully lifted from Curmudgeonly and Skeptical)

A rather larger problem, Geraldo, is that far too many idiots have access to network soapboxes.

Mike Rowe salutes the Navy Seabees.

Ukraine receiving aid from well-wishers in Canada (H/T: Captain Heinrichs).

Also via a tip from Captain Heinrichs comes this fascinating item, which details the little-known paths to the Supreme Court taken by O'Connor, Kennedy and Souter (thanks, once again, establishment Republicans!).

Let's see, Israel is an uncooperative and troublesome force in the Middle East which we can afford to disdain, but an alliance with Iran and its turbaned psychos is smart diplomacy. Got it.

"In 1975, the Swedish parliament unanimously decided to change the former homogeneous Sweden into a multicultural country." So, how did that work out?

Steve at the Pub casts a jaundiced eye at some Queensland politicoes (if Mine Host never writes another word, he will nonetheless have earned this blogger's unending admiration for the following sartorial critique: "Unknown member of the public walks up, dressed in over the top Squattocracy themed clobber". That's poetry, right there).

Jim Treacher: master of horror

It's the kind of thing that takes one to another and dreadful world.

Monday movie

I'm in a superhero mood this morning, so here's a scene from Batman (1989), messing up traffic and kickin' the crap out of bad guys.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Almost missed it!

We here at the Paco Enterprises Command Center wish you all a happy (and savory!) National Pig Day.