Monday, March 30, 2015

Rubbing the taxpayer's nose in it

Building what is essentially a "shrine" to the late politician, criminal and traitor Ted Kennedy is bad enough, but using taxpayer money to help fund the thing is outrageous.

A statue of Al Capone erected in front of city hall in Chicago would be less morally repugnant, a library named after Boss Tweed in New York would be less insulting to civic sensibilities. The most fitting memorial might be a sign bearing an image of Kennedy, exhorting motorists not to drink and drive, affixed to a guardrail along Dyke Road on Chappaquiddick Island.

I can think of no comparable political figure on the right who was (1) such an indisputable scoundrel yet (2) whose memory is treated worshipfully by such large numbers of true believers.

Ed Driscoll has more, including details on the notorious "waitress sandwich" incident (and here's another indication of Kennedy's solidarity with "working girls").

Monday movie

Ultra-cool Bob Mitchum has become disenchanted with Jane Greer in this scene from Out of the Past.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday funnies

Your dog looks at books differently than you do.

World's most interesting traffic ticket.

Weird science with Coke and Mentos.

How to become gluten intolerant:

The Amish computer store.

Meanwhile, in Florida.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Sleazy pol announces retirement

Harry Reid will not run for reelection. He claims that getting beat up by the Koch brothers in an alley behind the Four Seasons injuries sustained in a freak exercise accident had nothing to do with his decision.

Whatever the reason, I'm glad to see this particular bag of graft hit the road. And shame on the Repusillanican Party for letting itself get shoved around by this fugitive from a Grant Wood painting.

Hey, ladies, who wants a sandwich?

Democrat (of course) Representative Barbara Lee says climate change could create food shortages that may drive women into prostitution. Jim Treacher marvels.

Making the Hajj

A non-Muslim fakes his way into Mecca. An interesting series of articles about one man's journey to "the most forbidden spot on earth".

Part I

Part II

Part III

H/T: Captain Heinrichs

Happy Feet Friday

Little Esther and Mel Walker love each other - and the boogie-woogie, in Cupid's Boogie.