Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I have nothing to add

Nobody does kick-ass righteous rage like Jeff Goldstein. All I can say is, “what he said”. A small sample (but you have to read the whole thing):
We saw evil like this in the 30s and we stood by and did nothing until it hit us in Pearl Harbor, thinking it wouldn’t find its way here. Today, it’s already found its way here and is secreting itself within our country thanks to a corrupt and outrageous border policy that has all but negated our national sovereignty.

We can sit back now and show our nuanced pose to the world, then pay the price later when a US city goes up in flames. Or we can strike now with such ferocity and such finality that the threat we’re destroying has to work its way back from the stone ages.


“A group like ISIL has no place in the 21st century”

Golf, on the other hand, is forever.

Update: Priceless.

Conduct unbecoming a governor

No, not Rick Perry – Jay Nixon of Missouri, who has called for the “vigorous prosecution” of the police officer who shot Mike Brown in the town of Ferguson. For the record, the matter is still under investigation and no charges against the officer have been filed.

Nixon seems to think that his initial slow response to the incident and its aftermath can now be balanced out with a precipitate rush to mob justice. Scratch a Democrat, find a fascist (or a coward, or both).

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I guess we all have to take turns

“Who gets to hold [Hillary’s] crown while she speaks?”

I take you at your word

The Islamic State threatens to drown us all in blood.

Well, may the blood be all theirs should they strike at our home. We'll be ready. Right, boys?

Rough 'n ready, Cap'n Paco!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Texas may be a red state…

…but its blue faction is relentlessly vicious, as the laughable indictment of Gov. Rick Perry illustrates.

In a nutshell, Perry sought to have Travis County’s funding for a public integrity unit cut off unless the county’s D.A. – who heads said unit – stepped down (she had previously been arrested on a DWI charge, and was belligerent to the point of having to be physically restrained). In retaliation, a pliable “special prosecutor” convened a grand jury and had it indict Perry on what are widely regarded (even by many Democrats) as ultimately indefensible charges.

Much more from Bryan Preston , including video of Lehmberg’s behavior while she was under arrest, and info on her liquor consumption, which appears to have been of Homeric proportions.

Update: Even more from Preston, on the history of Democrat lawfare in Texas, and the non-profit “public watchdog” group that lodged the initial complaint (for “watchdog” read “Democrat lapdog”).