Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The bear is loose

Make that, "the cub is loose".

Obama's lame duck bear second term...

"Was Bin Laden driving GM's Chevy Cobalt when he died?"

Remember the Obama campaign's arrogant boast? - "Bin Laden is dead, GM is alive".

The People's Cube remembers - boy, do they ever.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Occasionally, here at the the Paco Command Center, a flower or other plant springs up and we have no idea where it came from. This phenomenon happened again this year, with the appearance of a cornstalk...

There are two ears of corn sprouting, too...

By the way, does anybody know how to tell when an ear of corn is ready to be picked?

Monday movie

Extortion fail in this scene from Mob City.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday funnies

That's a relief! Historic cheese vans recovered.

Well, there's your problem right there.

Ah, good ol' summer camp.

Hmmmm. Having trouble finding this one in the statutes.

Harry Potter's middle-aged adventure...

Boy, am I glad that soccer thing is over. Maybe now we can get some coverage of real sports - like the World Snuff Championship.

How wine is made...

Friday, July 18, 2014

The future of grocery shopping…

…if Michelle Obama has her way:
According to FreeBeacon.com, the federal busybodies want to provide food-stamp shoppers with “incentives” for making healthy food choices – such as discounts or free movie tickets – and even talking shopping carts that will notify them when they’ve selected enough healthy items.

The high-tech carts – which would cost every grocery store about $30,000 to provide – would be physically divided and color coded to help consumers select approved food items. It would also “have a system installed so that when the shopping cart reaches its healthy ‘threshold’ it would congratulate the customer.
You know it’s not going to end with food-stamp shoppers…

[Paco goes shopping]

Paco: Let’s see now, bananas, cantaloupes…Whoa!...What’s that over there? Ahhh, peanut-butter cookies!

Shopping cart: Hold up, tubby!

Paco [startled]: Who said that?

SC: I did. Allow me to introduce myself: I’m SC#179, and I’ll be your healthy foods consultant today.

Paco: But…you’re a shopping cart!

SC: That’s right, porky, and who better than I to assist you in monitoring your calories?

Paco: I think I’m capable of watching my own weight, thanks.

SC: Well, yeah, I guess so, considering there’s so much of it. I mean, one could be as near-sighted as Mr. Magoo and still observe that expanse of tarp you call a shirt. Didn’t you notice when you stepped on the weight sensors that trigger the automatic door that the door flew open so fast it derailed and crashed into the mango bin?

Paco: Listen, wise guy, how’d you like a new career transporting some homeless guy’s worldly goods around the inner city?

SC: Ok, ok. I was just trying to get your attention. I’m simply here to make suggestions. It’s for your own good, you know. After all, I’m part of an important government project.

Paco: Oh, right. The government’s doing such a bang-up job with foreign policy and securing the border and managing the economy, what could possibly go wrong micromanaging the daily menu for its citizens?

SC: Careful, slim. You’re starting to sound like one of those private militia crazies. Now, let’s get down to business. Instead of buying those peanut-butter cookies, why don’t you substitute something wholesome – like, say, broccoli?

Paco: Broccoli. You mean those things that look like little trees from somebody’s bansai garden?

SC: Sure. Plenty of vitamins and good roughage.

Paco: But they also taste like little trees from somebody’s bansai garden. No, I’m sticking with the cookies.

SC: C’mon, man! Eating one of those cookies is like screwing a cork into your aorta. Don’t blame me if you have a heart attack later on.

Paco: I hereby absolve you of all guilt. Now, here’s the bread aisle. Any problem with a loaf of whole wheat?

SC: Better check it for gluten content.

Paco: Checking the nutrition label. Nope. No gluten.

SC: You’re lying.

Paco: How the hell do you know?

SC: Ve haff vays.

Paco: Does the management here know that you’re trying to kill their business?

SC: We’re not trying to kill their business, just reorient it toward healthier products. Hey, what are you doing? Why are we speeding down the aisle?

Paco: You’re so smart, you figure it out! [Begins vigorously scooping cookies, pancake syrup, chocolate bars and sodas into cart]

SC: Help! I’ve got a rogue glutton on my hands! Somebody stop him!

Paco: Bwahahahaha!!

[Arrives at a checkout lane and begins to unload groceries]

Cash register: Halt! Is that a bag of powdered donuts?

Paco: Wha…?!?

Cash register: I’m not processing that stuff.

Paco [to clerk]: Hey, who’s in charge here, you or the machine?

Clerk: Sorry, sir, but the register is equipped with the Michelle-O-Meter; it’s a healthy foods override device. It’s blocking me from ringing up most of your purchases.

Paco: And just who sets the benchmark for healthy foods?

Clerk: Well…you know…[rolls eyes in the direction of a massive image hanging on the wall of Michelle Obama, wearing an Uncle Sam hat and pointing, above the words, “I want YOU to eat right!”]

Paco: But I’ll starve!

Cash register: Nonsense. We’ve got a special on broccoli today.

Paco: That tears it! I’m going to Safeway!

Clerk: Won’t do you any good, sir.

Paco: Why not? Last time I was there, they didn’t have any of these officious contraptions.

Clerk: That’s true; however, Safeway stores are now operated directly by the Department of Agriculture’s elite Michellestaffel unit. They’ll search your cart before you leave the store, confiscate your unhealthy items and you won’t get your money back.

Paco: This sounds like food fascism, to me!

Cash register: What’s your point?

Happy Feet Friday

Ray Sinatra (Frank's cousin) gives us some upstairs boogie.