Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dear Secretary Kerry

Please define “we”, “real” and “Islam”.

Elsewhere, Victor Davis Hanson details the assumptions underlying the war strategy of Obama’s “bizarro universe” . A sample:
There is no need for consistency in judgment, given that things happen, and the press will largely not collate past assertions with present contradictions. In short, teleprompted rhetoric, with plenty of let-me-be-perfectly-clear emphatics, can sound enough like a foreign policy that enough Americans will believe something is being done while the crisis naturally abates.
Gormless twit. How many years before the moving truck pulls up in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Around two and a half? Lordie, hurry sundown.

A man’s home is his fumigation tent

A NYC police officer has some…er…novel ideas about how to protect yourself and your family during a home invasion.

Yeah, a can of Raid would certainly be my first choice when faced with a couple of meth-crazed housebreakers. I suppose the guys would just fall on their backs, their limbs waggling spastically in the air, thus enabling the missus and me to escape. So much more effective than a dose of double-aught, yessirree.

I think conservatives kinda smell like Ponderosa pines on a late spring morning

Or maybe like bacon. Liberals, on the other hand, generally smell like mildewed old newspapers that have been stacked in the garage since the LBJ administration. Or occasionally like cheese.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Bonnie Scotland

P.J. O’Rourke looks at the possibility of Scottish independence and says, grab your popcorn (if you are of Scottish ancestry – as I am on my mother’s side – you should brace yourself for some Irish Schadenfreude).

What iceberg?

Michael Goodwin does a nice job summarizing what we all know (even those liberals who are at least capable of being honest with themselves): “Obama’s ship is sinking”.

Here’s something particularly ominous to bear in mind:
Obama’s fecklessness is so unique that our adversaries and enemies surely realize they will never face a weaker president. They must assume the next commander-in-chief will take a more muscular approach to America’s interests and be more determined to forge alliances than the estranged man who occupies the Oval Office now.

So Vladimir Putin, Iran, China, the Islamic State, al Qaeda and any number of other despots and terrorists know they have two years to make their moves and advance their interests, and that resistance will be token, if there is any at all.

A cloud no bigger than a man’s hand

We scoff, we arch our eyebrows, perhaps we snicker at the efforts by the progressive hive to restrict free speech. But the increasing frequency of these attacks on the First Amendment, and the fact that this and other guarantees of individual freedom are potentially only one or two Supreme Court nominations away from “reform”, if not obliteration, should give us all pause for reflection. Kevin D. Williamson reports on the latest attempt to criminalize political differences.

What now, champ?

Obama has indicated that he wants to arm Syria’s moderate rebels in order to press the fight against ISIS, but that could be a difficult feat to bring off, especially since practically the entire high command of a coalition of moderates has been wiped out in a “mysterious” explosion.

On a related topic, Sec. of State John Kerry claims that 40 countries have joined the coalition against ISIS, but he hasn’t disclosed who they all are. Paco World News Daily (PWND) has uncovered a partial list of heretofore unnamed coalition members:

The Grand Duchy of Fenwick
Lower Slobbovia
The Empire of Lilliput