Monday, January 26, 2015

Drone on!

Haw! A drone crashes on the White House lawn; Ed Driscoll and Stephen Green do not let this crisis go to waste.

The Republican Party should be on suicide watch

Seriously. Because getting rid of the filibuster on SCOTUS nominees would be one of the most self-destructive things the GOP could do in an era of executive overreach, with an autocratic president just itching to stack the bench with radicals.

So when a future Supreme Court decides that the Second Amendment was never really intended to acknowledge a right to civilian ownership of firearms, we can justifiably refer to the implementing legislation as the Lamar Alexander Gun Confiscation Act.

Ok, America, you can now get back to the really important issues of the day, like whether the Pats used underinflated footballs in their victory over the Colts, and what size does Kim Kardashian’s caboose have to before it can finally file for statehood.

Yes, by all means let us hear directly from Prime Minister Netanyahu on the threat from Iran

We’re not very likely to get a competent and/or honest assessment from the White House, after all, especially since Obama’s been secretly truckling to Iranian interests for some time, including, it now appears, leaning on the Argentinian government to back off of its investigation into Iran’s sponsorship of the 1994 bombing of a Jewish Center in Buenos Aires, which killed 85 people (85 people directly; indirectly, the event also seems to have accounted for the death of Alberto Nisman, the prosecutor who was preparing to lodge formal charges against the Argentinian government for participating in a cover-up of the terrorist action, and who wound up dead in his apartment from a gunshot wound to the head the day before he was to present evidence to Argentina’s Congress).

How is it that “smart diplomacy” seems to be characterized primarily by an elevated body count? Libya, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Nigeria…Obama’s foreign policy legacy is starting to look like a temple built out of human skulls.

Who's up for a Michael Moore film festival?

Not a real one, of course. Consider this a movie "prospectus", in which people helpfully suggest flicks they'd like to see from Moore.


Kudos to actor Rob Lowe for drawing attention to the fact that, while Obama won't meet with the PM of Israel, he's fine with granting an interview to a woman whose main claim to fame seems to be that she ate cereal out of a bathtub.

Monday movie

Inspector Clouseau gets a workout.

Bonus! Chief Inspector Dreyfus is compelled to give the eulogy at Clouseau's funeral service.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday funnies

German court upholds ancient right.

Fancy footwork in Russia.

The art of the snowman. One of my favorites: Snowzilla

The above article reminds me of the classic Calvin and Hobbes snowman cartoons.

Moonshine turns out not to be the preferred hipster drink.